Material Introduction
Turcite® A is a high quality, thermoplastic self-lubricating bearing material modified from a acetal substrate. Performance and applications are comparable to DELRIN AF®. It is suitable for use in environments with medium to heavy loads and speeds. Turcite® A is ideal materials for applications with high wear and friction requirements. It has low hygroscopicity and low thermal expansion and provides high structural stability. It is easy to cut and performs well in vibration and motion loading. Turcite® A has an excellent service life and durability. The maximum operating temperature is 80 degrees. 

long service life
Turcite®A is a cost-effective material because of its low water absorption and its integrity throughout the life of the application, allowing users to change parts and costs with less maintenance time and cost.
low friction coefficient
Turcite®A has a very low coefficient of friction (COF) due to its proprietary self-lubricating formula. No additional products are required, resulting in a smoother, quieter operation from the sliding advantage of dry lubrication. It also ensures improved sliding behavior by providing a near zero level of slip adhesion and by eliminating the problem of reverse sliding that occurs in the component under high pressure conditions.
The difference with Turcite® X

Turcite® A has higher wear resistance than Turcite® X. 

?Turcite?A Rod Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types

Other Name:Turcite® TA  
Turcite® TA Size
Diameter(inches) Length 1 Length 2
0.25”(6.35mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
0.50”(12.7mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
0.625”(15.875mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
0.75”(19.05mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
1”(25.4mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
1.25”(31.75mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
1.5”(38.10mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
1.75”(44.45mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
2”(50.80mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)
4”(101.60mm) 4feet (1220mm) 8feet (2440mm)

  • 1. Long service life
    2. No stick slip
    3. Excellent self-lubricating properties
    4. Tear resistance, good wear resistance, chemical resistance
    5. Low hygroscopicity, low thermal expansion
    6. All bars are rigorously annealed to avoid stress cracking
    7. Performance is similar to Delrin AF®, but Turcite® is made from an acetal copolymer that  reduces material voids, avoiding material centerline porosity.
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