Material Introduction
Spring Seal/ spring energized seal/ Variseal is a U-type Teflon built-in special spring high-performance seal with appropriate spring force plus system fluid pressure to eject the sealing lip (face) Gently press the sealed metal surface to create a very good sealing effect. The actuating effect of the spring overcomes the slight eccentricity of the metal mating surface and the wear of the sealing lip while maintaining the desired sealing performance. The special seals developed for high temperature corrosion, difficult lubrication and low friction applications. The combination of different Teflon composites, advanced engineering plastics and corrosion resistant metal springs can meet the increasingly stringent industrial requirements. The diversity of needs. 

?Spring Seal Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
PTFE pan plug material selection guide
model Material characteristics Applicable to the surface material range of working temperature FDA (food and medicine) colour
Saferlon® A Very low wear and friction coefficient for dry friction and vacuum environments Soft metal (stainless steel, low hardness steel, copper alloy), low hardness PTFE pure material made of plate and rod tube and shaped parts ‐240 ~ +280℃ Golden
Saferlon® B PTFE filled with aromatic polymer, more suitable for rotary sealing 軟Soft metal, low hardness steel ‐240 ~ +280℃ Beige
Saferlon® H2 Better wear resistance in dry friction (air or other gas) environments Soft metal or lubricated hard metal ‐200 ~ +260℃ black
Saferlon® G PTFE with glass fiber and lubricant added for better wear resistance and lower friction coefficient Hard metal is lubricated or unlubricated ‐200 ~ +260℃ gray
Saferlon® GB Better wear resistance than Saferlon® G for food and pharmaceutical applications Hard metal, lubricated or non-lubricated ‐200 ~ +260℃ white
Saferlon® F2 Add high wear resistant organic polymer Soft metal ‐240 ~ +280℃ dark brown
Saferlon® Q Add carbon fiber material, lubricated or non-lubricated, excellent in water environment, not suitable for gas Hard metal ‐200 ~ +260℃ black
Saferlon® SPTEF Preferred PTFE General purpose ‐250 ~ +260℃ white
Saferlon® MPTEF High grade PTFE for better creep resistance and softness General purpose ‐250 ~ +260℃ white
Saferlon® UPE Ultra high molecular weight PTFE, excellent in dry friction and aqueous solutions General purpose ‐200 ~ +80℃ white
Saferlon® PCTEF PCTFE General purpose ‐200 ~ +180℃ Transparent
PTFE pan plug material selection guide
Working medium Motion state
Static seal / micro dynamic Reciprocating motion Rotational motion
vacuum Saferlon® S.PTFE Saferlon® S.PTFE. Saferlon® A Saferlon® S.PTFE. Saferlon® A
Food, medicine Saferlon® S.PTFE Saferlon® A Saferlon® GB Saferlon® UPE Saferlon® A Saferlon® GB Saferlon® B
Air, gas Saferlon® CPTFE Saferlon® A Saferlon® H2 Saferlon® A Saferlon® H2
Water, water vapor Saferlon® CPTFE Saferlon® Q Saferlon® G Saferlon® Q Saferlon® G
Lubricating oil, pump oil, oil Saferlon® CPTFE Saferlon® Q Saferlon® G Saferlon® Q Saferlon® G
General chemicals Saferlon® CPTFE Saferlon® Q Saferlon® G Saferlon® Q Saferlon® G
Low temperature (LNG) Saferlon® MPTFE Saferlon® UPE Saferlon® PCTFE

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  • ● Good dry friction characteristics, very small coefficient of friction;
    ● Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, can withstand -250-+280 °C operating temperature;
    ● Good sealing performance under high pressure;
    ● Strong resistance to aging and corrosion;
    ● Extremely resistant to aging and corrosion.

    PTFE pan plug material storage and use guide
    1. In the case of powder, the powder may agglomerate during vibration or high temperature during transportation. The material may be cooled before use and sieved with a sieve or pulverized with a loose machine/pulverizer for normal use.
    2. The granulation material will not cause agglomeration. It is recommended to use a stainless steel spoon to dip.
    3. The storage temperature is recommended to be in the range of 20-25 ° C and humidity 25 - 55%.
    4. If the material is not used after opening, tie the double-layer plastic bag with a tie and change the cover to avoid moisture absorption or contamination.
    5. In the correct storage environment, material storage time can be almost unlimited and will not expire.
    6. During the production process, workers are advised to wear adequate labor protection (masks, gloves, etc.).
    7. For more information on safe use, please contact your Cylex sales staff.
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