Material Introduction
 Ketonolic® GPO-3 Sheet

? Ketonolic? GPO-3 Sheet Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Material Introduction
?Ketonolic® GPO-3 Sheet also called UPGM203, it is a standard electric insulating materials with excellent arc resistance and superior heat resistance. This product is made of non-alkali glass fiber cutting board soaked into unsaturated polyester resin paste by heat pressing to rigid plate insulation material. 

??Ketonolic® GPO-3 Sheet 
Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Ketonolic® GPO-3 Sheet
Thickness(mm) Width/Length(mm)
3mm-80mm 1250mm X 2500mm
1020mm X 2020mm
Name: ??Ketonolic® GPO-3 sheet
Colors include: Red, white
Types: Sheets

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♦ GPO-3 sheet technical data sheet 

  • GPO-3 Sheet Strength 
    ♦ With superior compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength, the material shows excellent mechanical properties even in different environments ( temperature, medium, humidity)under various roads (tensile, compression, bending, torsion, impact, alternating stress, etc) 
    ♦ With superior casting resistance, cutting resistance, welding resistance, stamping resistance, heat treatment performance. With a special metal processing equipment can easily work out molding products. 
    ♦ With stable dimension, the actual parameter value for thickness with very small variation, no need for further processing can accord with the requirements for thickness tolerance. 
    ♦ With excellent stable mechanical properties even in the high humidity environment, can prevent the solid insulation material surface form a conductive path under the join action of electric field and electrolyte gradually. 
    ♦ Resistant caused by high voltage arc metamorphism effectively.(more than 180s) 
    ♦ With very high working temperature: when temperature over 240℃ will be deformation. The grade for heat resistance can be F or H. 
    ♦ The materials for slow down, terminate or prevent flammability properties meet the requirements of American UL94 V-O; Not included halogen elements, with little smog in cause the material is lighted. 
    ♦ With good hot mechanical properties, can keep an excellent mechanical and electrical properties even in the continuous rising temperature.
    ♦ With excellent Comparative Tracking index (CTI>600V)
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